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We are a local, non-profit, 501 © 3, community service organization. Our mission is to empower people to resolve conflicts through mediation, mediation training and conflict resolution programs.

Mediation is a negotiation process in which people, assisted by a trained mediator, resolve their conflicts.

Sometimes hiring a lawyer and going to court is the best way to settle disputes, but sometimes it isn't. Mediation is an alternative to court and a good one! Unlike in the courtroom where disputes are settled by a judge or jury, in mediation disputes are settled by the clients themselves assisted by a trained mediator.

WHAT CAN BE MEDIATED? Almost any kind of disagreement or dispute can be mediated. Please click services for details.

Please contact our toll free number 855-760-0706. When it is determined that the conflict can be mediated, that both parties agree to participate, and that financial responsibilities are agreed to, arrangements are then made to schedule the mediation session, date, time and place.

In a mediation session persons in conflict:
  • agree to mediate
  • identify issues
  • are respectful and truthful
  • listen to each other's words and
  • are willing to consider options
     they hadn't thought of so that
     after much "back and forth"
     speaking, listening, and deciding,
     guided by the mediator, they are
     able to
  • achieve a resolution of their

•  Mediators are a neutral, unbiased
    third party in the negotiation
•  They provide guidance,
    maintaining total impartiality
    throughout the process.
•  Their personal opinions do not
    play any role in mediation.
•  They nurture a positive tone of
•  They maintain, on their part, strict
    confidentiality after the mediation
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